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Sami Laiho back in Tallinn this November!

Sami is one of the world’s leading professionals in Windows Security and Troubleshooting. Join his high paced and extremely technical session "Deep Inside Windows Security" on 18.11.2016.

Main topics:

  • The most important cornerstones of NT Security, like SID’s, Groups, Mandatory Integrity Control, Service Isolation, Auditing, DACL’s, Access Tokens, Privileges and security descriptors.
  • Recommended principles in how to apply security policies in enterprises.
  • Tools that can be used for efficient troubleshooting of security related issues.
  • Why hardware decisions are one of the biggest things when building secure environments by showing how to attack DMA-enabled buses and hacking BitLocker using them.

IT pros will be there!

Photo: Sami in Tallinn February 2016

This session is held in English.

More info here: koolitus.ee/blackbelt

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