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An 'Outstanding' Trainer in Software Development with more than 10 years experience a Trainer, ICT teacher and Head of Department, with a passion for technology and its uses. Continuing to develop existing and new skills and courses, primarily in web design using PHP, JavaScript (including ES2015, TypeScript, Angular, React and PWAs), HTML, CSS and SQL but also OOP (Java), Programming Foundations (using Python) and DevOps (Git, CI/CD, etc). Practically minded, a quick learner and a problem solver with an attention to detail to ensure high quality outcomes.  I have been with QA since February 2016.


Specialist areas

My specialist area in training is in Emerging Technologies within Web Development.  I am mainly delivering courses in JavaScript covering vanilla JS, ES2015+, TypeScript, Angular and React (the latter is authored by me) and have delivered on behalf of Google for PWAs.  I have developed a new suite of PHP courses and have extensive experience with HTML/CSS and MySQL.  I deliver QA’s Programming Foundations course and Java using the Eclipse IDE.  My skillset is extends into the DevOps sphere, where I am able to deliver courses based around Agile/Scrum practices, version control and CI/CD.