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Robert Petrunic was born in 1973 in Nagold, Germany and has a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering.
He works as senior security consultant in Eduron IS, the company dedicated to IT security education, penetration testing and computer forensics. He also works as lecturer in most successful Croatian private college “Algebra - University College", where he has designed several courses related to computer security and forensics.

Robert is Microsoft certified trainer since 2002, EC-Council certified trainer from 2008 and VMware certified trainer from 2012. He works mainly in security field from 2004, and Microsoft acknowledged this at 2008 assigning him Microsoft most valuable professional recognition every year until 2017.

For the last 15 years Robert is working on programs related to ethical hacking and IT security awareness for system administrators, developers and IT security consultant. He also speaks at regional IT conferences.

Robert started to work in IT in 1996 and his learning curve was really steep from the beginning. Started as computer technician, “cable guy” and a developer in one single person, which gave him an overview of the “big picture” early in the process. During early 2000 he decided to continue his career as a systems administrator and only few years later security kicked in and “drag” Robert into this really difficult, but yet rewarding area. From 2008 he started to work mostly on a security consulting and penetration testing, where he settled for a few years (2012-2014) in the best Croatian PT company Infigo. Today he is self-employed working as a trainer, security consultant and penetration tester.