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Hands-On Hacking Advanced (HOHA)


Aeg: 08.12 - 10.12.2020, kell 09:00 Maht: 24 ak. tundi Koht: 8. korrus, Lõõtsa 12, Tallinn
1 200 € (+ km 20%)

Koolituse kokkuvõte:

IT Koolitusel on hea meel kutsuda teid meie partneri Clarified Security korraldatavale 3-päevasele koolitusele Hands-on Hacking Advanced.

NB! Koolitus on inglise keeles. Koolituse toimumiseks on minimaalne osavõtjate arv 6.

Kellele koolitus on suunatud:

System administrators, information security specialists and -managers and any other IT personnel that is not afraid of the shell or command prompt.

Koolitaja: Karl Raik

Koolitusel osalemise eeldused (soovitavalt):

Prior HOHE participation is required to take this course to ensure minimum same level of participants.

Koolituse sisukord:

Hands-on Hacking Advanced (HOHA) is a follow-up to our Hands-on Hacking Essentials (HOHE) training. While HOHE is an eye-opening “shock therapy” training mostly for defenders, HOHA introduces more of the attacker and red teaming perspective. While the training still focuses mostly on the individual skills of participants, we will introduce red team team-working mode towards the end of the training with team servers and beacon servers.

While HOHE was intentionally built around totally freely available tools, HOHA is mostly built around Cobalt Strike (a commercial and red teaming oriented version of Armitage which we use in HOHE). Since Clarified Security team uses Cobalt Strike in red teaming for large-scale cyber exercises, mostly for client-side attacks, this training derives from these practical experiences and makes such training with red teaming twist available for wider audiences.

With HOHA course we build on our (pre-requisite) HOHE training and deliver 3 days of first-hand, pure hacking experience where a large „Network Takeover” scenario takes a center stage and teamworking mode sets in towards the end.


Participants' computers - any computer or laptop with any Operating System will do, as long as VNC and SSH clients are installed. The customer is expected to provide the LAN (switch + cables + power jacks) that can be connected to our VPN device that supplies IP addresses via DHCP. In case of laptops, we can provide our own WiFi Access Point for creating a LAN. Minimum 1024x768 monitor resolution is recommended.

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