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Advanced Certified ScrumMaster


Aeg: 26.11 - 27.11.2020, kell 09:30 Maht: 16 ak. tundi Koht: Vana-Lõuna 39/1
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Koolituse kokkuvõte:

Agile professionals have long waited for the next step, one that would build on the skills learned during the Certified ScrumMaster certification. Since working as ScrumMaster you likely have realized that there is more to it than what was covered in Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) class. This Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) training explores agile facilitation & coaching skills and how you as ScrumMaster use these to enhance performance and satisfaction in teams. Successful completion of this course grants you skills for these and Advanced Certified ScrumMaster certification.

Kellele koolitus on suunatud:

Scrum Masters, agile coaches, team leaders, team coaches, team leads, technical managers, technical leads Note: to attend the training you need to have at least one year of work experience as a Scrum Master.

Koolitaja: Pentti Virtanen

Koolituse oodatav tulemus/eesmärk (õpiväljundid):

This advanced-level, very hands-on and fast-paced course is designed to develop your ScrumMaster skills from good to great, to go beyond the basics of the ScrumMaster by providing you skills to:

  • Facilitate betterdialogue between the Product Owner, Scrum Team members, customers, stakeholders, and executives
  • Respond confidentlywhen encountering resistance to change, lack of engagement, low motivation, and unavailability of key people
  • Increase engagementto encourage greater accountability, commitment, and buy-in
  • Serve better Product Ownersto deliver value to customers and users
  • ScaleScrum and Agile beyond a single team
Koolitusel osalemise eeldused (soovitavalt):

To take this training you need to have a current Certified ScrumMaster Certification (CSM) and have at least one year of work experience as a scrum master.

Koolituse sisukord:
  1. Towards Mastery
  • ShuHaRi
  1. Lean, Agile, & Scrum

Agile and Lean Values, Principles, and Worldview

Agile Manifesto and Scrum

Historical outline of Scrum and Agile

Other Lean/Agile development frameworks

ScrumMaster rectifying violation of Agile principles

Personality traits of an excellent ScrumMaster

Empirical Process Control

 Inspect-and-adapt process in Scrum events

 When does transparency, inspection, and adaption not work effectively?

  1. Scrum Master Core Competencies


Facilitative listening techniques

Multiple frames of reference

Divergent thinking and convergent thinking

Contents and agenda

Recused Scrum Master

Obstacles to clear communication

Working agreement


Coaching Stance

Coaching Techniques

Coaching Let’s do it


 Explain Scrum to a Business Stakeholder

  1. Service to the Development Team

Definition of Done

Definition of Done for a non-software product

Improving “Done.”

Creating Definition of Done


Coaching to foster greater self-organization

Self-organizing team and challenges during a retrospective

Countermeasures to challenges

Team Dynamics

A working group vs. a team

Team formation and development

Attributes of effective teams

Improving team performance

Value of Development Practices

  1. Services to the Product Owner

Coaching the Product Owner

From Product Vision to Product Backlog

Facilitating the creation of the Product Vision

Creating Product Backlog items

Facilitating a Product Backlog refinement session

 Product Owner in the retrospective

  1. Service to the Organization

Resolving Impediments

Addressing typical impediments for a Scrum Team

Impediment evaluation in depth

Identify a root cause(s) of an impediment

Scaling Scrum

Why scaling might not be such a great idea

Techniques for handling dependencies

Scaling frameworks

Organizational Change

 Change in an organization

  1. Scrum Mastery

Personal Development

Personal fulfillment of the five Scrum Values

Your driving factors

Destructive conflict

Responding to a conflict

Servant Leadership

Goals and attributes of a servant leader

Resolving an organizational impediment



After successful completion of the course you are listed as Advanced Certified Scrum Master in Scrum Alliance’s register. Note that two days full time active participation is needed to pass the class.

Training material

The training material is in English. The training is run using material officially approved by Scrum Alliance.

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