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Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology


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Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology - Making Sense of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is considered one of the great technological advances of our time, carrying profound implications for the business world and society for tomorrow. Currently, blockchains are used predominantly as the basis for various cryptocurrencies, which have led to diverse innovations in the financial services sector. However, financial applications present only a small part of the potential of blockchains.

The main focus of this workshop is to present an in-depth coverage of blockchain technology along with most recent applications in research and industry.


Kellele koolitus on suunatud:

Executives across industries who would like to get an introduction to blockchain technology.

We do not expect IT expertise and welcome curiosity for this new topic.
• Executives (CEO, CTO, etc.) and IT management
• Investors
• Employees interested in blockchain technology 

Koolitaja: Benjamin Leiding

Koolituse oodatav tulemus/eesmärk (õpiväljundid):

This one day seminar will provide participants with basic knowledge about blockchain technology and its uses. It includes the general functional principles of blockchains, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications. Furthermore, we will deal with different examples of practical application. Finally, we will go through an ideation-process and discuss as well as analyze potential blockchain use-cases for blockchain-powered applications.

The results of the training:

• General awareness of blockchain technology
• High level understanding of the key components and principles of blockchain technology
• Knowledge about the use of blockchain technology in the context of different domains
• Understand the potential of the blockchain technology for your organization

Koolituse sisukord:

1. Introduction

  • An historical overview
  • The current state of development
  • Examples of application

Methods used: Lecture with slides and further material, discussion

2. Technical Basics of Blockchain Technology

  • Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers
  • Wallets and transactions
  • Smart Contracts and decentralized applications (dApps)
  • Consensus algorithms
  • Security and Privacy

Methods used: Lecture with slides and further material, discussion.

3. Blockchains in Practical Application – Part 1

  • Overview on blockchain and smart contract platforms
  • Do I need a blockchain at all?
  • How to choose a blockchain platform?

Methods used: Lecture with slides and further material, discussion.

4. Blockchains in Practical Application – Part 2

Overview on blockchain and smart contract platforms

  • Presentation and discussion of real-world applications using blockchain technology
  • The future of blockchain
  • Ideation and discussion 

Methods used: Lecture with slides and further material, discussion and practical analysis in collaboration with the participants. Strategy design and evaluation.


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  • õppematerjale;
  • tunnistust.

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