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MOC-40552 Microsoft Security Workshop: Managing Identity


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This 1-day Instructor-led security workshop provides discussion and practical hands-on training for Managing Identity. You will learn about some generic principles of identity management as one of the primary lines of defense against internal and external cyberattacks. The workshop covers the most common attacks against Active Directory and countermeasures reducing the attack surface. It also contains recommendations for recovery in the event of a complete compromise. You will explore in more details the functionality of Active Directory, focusing in particular on Kerberos-based authentication, including the Windows components that play the essential role in the authentication process. The workshop covers the underlying technology which will help you with identifying the most effective approach to protecting your Active Directory environment. In addition, the workshop provides an overview of Privileged Access Management, which sample implementation is the subject of the lab of this course. The workshop will also provide an overview of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and illustrates how to leverage its capabilities in order to enhance identity protection and to consolidate identity management in hybrid scenarios.

This workshop is part of a larger series of Workshops offered by Microsoft on the practice of Security. While it is not required that you have completed any of the other courses in the Security Workshop series before taking this workshop, it is highly recommended that you start with the first course in the series, Microsoft Security Workshop: Enterprise Security Fundamentals.

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This course is intended for IT Professionals that require a deeper understanding of Windows Security that wish to increase their knowledge level through a predominately hands-on experience with Active Directory DS & Azure Active Directory.

Koolitaja: Peep Võrno

Koolituse oodatav tulemus/eesmärk (õpiväljundid):

After completing this workshop, students will be able to:

  • Explain the concept of Identity as the control plane
  • Describe the principles of Secure Privileged Access (SPA)
  • Explain the basic characteristics of AD DS
  • Describe primary methods of protecting AD DS
  • Describe features of Azure AD editions
  • Describe core Microsoft cloud security features
  • Provide an overview of MIM
  • Explain the benefits of JIT administration and PAM

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