CompTIA A+

IT spetsialisti baaskoolitus

CompTIA A+ koolituse eesmärgiks on anda üldised põhjalikud teadmised ja oskused töötamiseks IT spetsialistina. Teoreetiliste teadmiste omandamine vaheldub koolituse jooksul praktiliste harjutustega arvuti ja võrgu riistvarast.

It Koolituse Aasta Koolitaja 21

Koolitusel käsitletakse arvutite riistvara, tarkvara (operatsioonisüsteemid ja kontoritarkvara), arvutivõrkusid ja IT spetsialistile vajalikke teadmisi tööohutusest, tööalasest etiketist ning IT probleemihalduse mudelitest.

Koolitus on mõeldud kõigile algtasemel ja edasipürgivatele IT-spetsialistidele, et osata kasutada õigesti riist- ja tarkvaratehnoloogiaid, millega nad töötavad, et olla toeks erinevatele IT-infrastruktuuridele.

CompTIA A+ on sinu lähtepunktiks karjäärile IT valdkonnas!

Koolitus aitab valmistuda uuteks CompTIA A+ Core Series kaheks eksamiks: Core 1 (220-1101) ja Core 2 (220-1102)  (eksamid jõustusid aprillis 2022)

NB! Eksameid saab sooritada meie eksamikeskuses!


CompTIA A+ is the industry standard for establishing a career in IT and the preferred qualifying credential for technical support and IT operational roles. It is about much more than PC repair. Candidates are better prepared to troubleshoot, and problem solve, and technicians better understand a wide variety of issues ranging from networking and operating systems to mobile devices and security. A+ supports the ability to connect users to the data they need to do their jobs regardless of the devices being used.

CompTIA A+ is the only industry recognized credential with performance testing to prove pros can think on their feet to perform critical IT support tasks. It is trusted by employers around the world to identify the go-to person in end point management & technical support roles. CompTIA A+ appears in more tech support job listings than any other IT credential.

The main  purpose of CompTIA A+ course is to prepare the candidates  to pass the the CompTIA A+ Core Series two exams: Core 1 (220-1101) and Core 2 (220-1102)  (eksamid jõustusid aprillis 2022) covering the following new content, emphasizing the technologies and skills IT pros need to support a hybrid workforce:

  • Increased reliance on SaaS applications for remote work
  • More on troubleshooting and how to remotely diagnose and correct common software, hardware, or connectivity problems
  • Changing core technologies from cloud virtualization and IoT device security to data management and scripting
  • Multiple operating systems now encountered by technicians on a regular basis, including the major systems, their use cases, and how to keep them running properly
  • Reflects the changing nature of the job role, where many tasks are sent to specialized providers as certified personnel need to assess whether it’s best to fix something on site, or to save time and money by sending proprietary technologies directly to vendors


Target audience:

The CompTIA A+ certification training course is created for all entry-level and aspiring IT professionals to validate their skills and knowledge in the IT domain. The certification course is made for learners to properly understand the hardware and software technologies that they will be working with so that they can support various IT infrastructures. 

  • Computer Science University students, Aspiring computer and IT technicians, Help Desk Technician, Field Service Technician, Associate Network Engineer, Junior Systems Administrator, Desktop Support Specialist/Administrators, System Support Technician/Specialists, Service Desk Analysts, Data Support Technicians, Computing Technicians, Technical Support Specialists
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about the basics of operating systems, data management and network security

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of computer as well as mobile security, networking, hardware as well as software, virtualization and cloud computing.
  • Understand the various network components in an organization’s operating systems, configure mobile and desktop devices and applications as well as offer support when necessary.
  • Successfully perform data management best practices and data backups and recovery.
  • Know the best practices and processes for ensuring maximum network and device safety.
  • Know how to set up, configure, manage, and troubleshoot various operating systems such as iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, and more.


Identify, use, and connect hardware components and devices, including the broad knowledge about different devices that is now necessary to support the remote workforce


Explain types of networks and connections including TCP/IP, WIFI and SOHO


Install & configure laptops and other mobile devices and support applications to ensure connectivity for end- users


Install and support Windows OS including command line & client support. System configuration imaging and troubleshooting for Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android and Linux OS.


Troubleshoot real-world device and network issues quickly and efficiently


Compare & contrast cloud computing concepts & set up client-side virtualization


Troubleshoot PC and mobile device issues including common OS, malware and security issues.


Identify and protect against security vulnerabilities for devices and their network connections


Follow best practices for safety, environmental impacts, and communication and professionalism 


Prerequisites to the course (recommended):

The CompTIA A+ certification training course is a beginner level course. Anyone with basic computer knowledge is eligible to apply for this certification. There are no prerequisites for this course, and there is no recommended learning or work experience required to be eligible either.


Training Principles:

The training is held in Estonian, learning material is in English!

Practical exercises run on virtual machines.

The achievement of learning outcomes is checked and assessed through independent practical work.

The prerequisite for issuing the certificate is full participation in training.

Length80 academic hours

Koolituse läbiviimise põhimõtted:

Koolitus toimub eesti keeles, õppematerjal on inglise keeles.

Praktilised ülesanded tehakse virtuaalmasinatel.

Õpiväljundite saavutamist kontrollitakse ja hinnatakse läbi iseseisva praktilise töö.

Tunnistuse väljastamise eelduseks on koolitusel osalemine terves mahus.

Maht: 80 akadeemilist tundi


The training topics and description:

Day One

  • Welcome and Course Introduction
  • Identify Common Operating Systems
  • Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Use Windows Features and Tools
  • Manage Files in Windows
  • Manage Disks in Windows
  • Manage Devices in Windows

Day Two

  • Use Appropriate Safety Procedures
  • PC Components
  • Common Connection Interfaces
  • Install Peripheral Devices
  • Install and Configure Display Devices
  • Troubleshoot Display Devices
  • Install and Configure Multimedia Devices
  • Install System Memory

Day Three

  • Install and Configure Mass Storage Devices
  • Install and Configure Removable Storage
  • Configure RAID
  • Troubleshoot Storage Devices
  • Install and Upgrade CPUs
  • Configure and Update BIOS/UEFI
  • Install Power Supplies
  • Troubleshoot Internal System Components
  • Configure a Custom PC

Day Four

  • Configure and Use Linux
  • Configure and Use macOS
  • Install and Upgrade Operating Systems
  • Maintain OSs
  • Install and Manage Windows Applications
  • Manage Windows Performance
  • Troubleshoot Windows

Day Five

  • Wired Networks
  • Network Hardware Devices
  • Wireless Networks
  • Internet Connection Types
  • Network Configuration Concepts
  • Network Services
  • Configure Network Connection Settings
  • Install and Configure SOHO Networks

Day Six

  • Configure SOHO Network Security
  • Configure Remote Access
  • Troubleshoot Network Connections
  • Install and Configure IoT Devices
  • Manage Users
  • Configure Shared Resources
  • Configure Active Directory Accounts and Policies

Day Seven

  • Configure Client-Side Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Logical Security Concepts
  • Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Physical Security Measures
  • Implement Security Best Practices
  • Implement Data Protection Policies
  • Protect Data During Incident Response
  • Detect, Remove, and Prevent Malware
  • Troubleshoot Common Workstation Security Issues

Day Eight

  • Use Laptop Features
  • Install and Configure Laptop Hardware
  • Troubleshoot Common Laptop Issues
  • Mobile Device Types
  • Connect and Configure Mobile Device Accessories
  • Configure Mobile Device Network Connectivity
  • Support Mobile Apps
  • Secure Mobile Devices
  • Troubleshoot Mobile Device Issues

Day Nine

  • Maintain Laser Printers
  • Maintain Inkjet Printers
  • Maintain Impact, Thermal, and 3D Printers
  • Install and Configure Printers
  • Troubleshoot Print Device Issues
  • Install and Configure Imaging Devices

Day Ten

  • Environmental Impacts and Controls
  • Create and Maintain Documentation
  • Use Basic Change Management Best Practices
  • Implement Disaster Prevention and Recovery Methods
  • Basic Scripting Concepts
  • Professionalism and Communication

Continuing Education Curriculum Group: 0612 Database and Network Design and Administration Curriculum Group

Täienduskoolituse õppekavarühm: 0612 Andmebaaside ja võrgu disaini ning halduse õppekavarühm


Koolitushind sisaldab lisaks:

  • CompTIA ametlikke õppematerjale ja praktilisi labopreid;
  • koolitaja konsultatsiooni õpitud teemade kohta e-posti teel pärast koolitust;
  • tunnistust.

Lisaväärtusena pakume:

  • sooje jooke koos küpsiste ja puuviljadega.

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