VMware Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, Manage [V8.2]

The Goal of this two-day, hands-on training course, is to give experienced VMware vSphere® administrators the knowledge to install, configure, and manage VMware Site Recovery Manager™ 8.2.

This course also shows you how to write and test disaster recovery plans that use Site Recovery Manager.

Product Alignment:

•   VMware Site Recovery Manager [V8.2]

Target audience:

vSphere administrators, architects, system engineers, and systems integrators who are responsible for the deployment or management of Site Recovery Manager

In result of the training participants:

  • Summarize the components of Site Recovery Manager architecture
  • Deploy and configure the Site Recovery Manager appliance
  • Describe the principal disaster recovery topologies that are used with Site Recovery Manager
  • Configure inventory and resource mappings
  • Describe the storage replication options that are used with Site Recovery Manager
  • Configure Site Recovery Manager to leverage array-based replication
  • Describe VMware vSphere® Replication™ functionality
  • Describe the vSphere Replication architecture
  • Deploy and configure vSphere Replication for use with Site Recovery Manager
  • Build Site Recovery Manager protection groups based on vSphere Replication
  • Build, edit, execute, test, and remove a recovery plan
  • Perform a planned migration
  • Perform reprotect and failback using Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication

Prerequisites to the course (recommended):

This class requires completion of one of the following courses:

Or equivalent knowledge and administration experience with VMware ESXi™ and VMware vCenter Server™

Training Principles:

The achievement of learning outcomes is assessed during practical tasks.

Length: 16 academic hours

The prerequisite for issuing the certificate is full participation in training.


The training topics and description:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Overview and Architecture
  3. Deploy & Configure Site Recovery Manager
  4. Configuring Inventory Mappings
  5. Using Array-based Replication
  6. vSphere Replication
  7. Replicating Virtual Machines with vSphere Replication
  8. Building Protection Groups
  9. Building Recovery Plans
  10. Testing and Running a Recovery Plan
  11. Monitoring and Troubleshooting

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You can participate in the training also with the Unemployment Insurance Fund training card.

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