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The creation and editing of vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator


Продолжительность: 2 дней
380 € (+ VAT 20%)

Обзор курса обучения:

Adobe Illustrator is industry’s standard application for vector graphics. It can be used for many different design tasks and suits for users on all skill levels - from beginners to advanced.

This course teaches the core concepts of vector graphics that can be applied to any medium - web design, print media, animation and tv graphics.

We’ll start with the basics - user interface, using tools and menus and finding the right tool for the job. From there we’ll gradually progress to more advanced concepts and workflows.


This course is targeted for users working in graphics design, print- and web publishing or marketing and advertising. Previous experience with vector graphics or Adobe Illustrator is not required.

Преподаватель: Andres Jalak


Topics include:

  • User interface
  • Working with various tools and palletes
  • Drawing, aligning, combining shapes
  • Complex shapes, compound shapes
  • Using layers, artboards, saving as pdf
  • Working with fills and strokes
  • Colors, gradients, patterns
  • Working with type