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Certified Scrum Product Owner


Time: 08.12 - 09.12.2020, at 09:30 Duration: 16 ac. hours Location: Vana-Lõuna 39/1
1 390 € (+ VAT 20%)

Course overview:

The Certified Product Owner® (CSPO) course is a two-day, entry-level course taught by a Certified Scrum Trainer®. The CSPO course is designed to cover all the basics of Scrum and also provide a large amount of material devoted to the Product Owner role.

You will learn about:

  • Scrum basics and core values
  • How the Scrum framework compares to other methods and when to use Scrum
  • A Scrum team’s three roles and responsibilities
  • The scope of the Product Owner’s role in detail
  • The ScrumMaster and Team roles at a high level
  • Developing a Product Vision and its role in galvanizing the team
  • Different estimation levels in Scrum
  • The Product Backlog—what it is (and is not) and how to groom and prioritize
  • Release Management and measuring velocity
  • Sprint planning and Daily Scrum Meeting
  • Ways to effectively deal with stakeholders

Language: ENGLISH

You will be prepared to take the Certified Scrum Product Owner exam (exam price is included in the training cost).

Minimal number of attendees is 6 for the course to take place.

Agile software development increases the productivity and quality of software development and decreases its risks. Scrum is an iterative and incremental framework for developing and sustaining complex products. In Scrum devel-opment teams deliver potentially shippable high-quality functionality at the end of every Sprint, providing the agility needed to respond to rapidly changing requirements.

The Scrum framework constantly challenges its users to focus on continuous improvement, and its Sprints provide the stability to get things done within an environment, where needs are always changing.

These characteristics have led to Scrum becoming the most popular framework in the world of agile software de-velopment.

The Certified Scrum Product Owner course is a two-day course which introduces the concepts of agility using the Scrum framework. Successful participants will become Certified Product Owners, who can as a customer build complex products with agility.


Scrum Product Owners, business owners, business analysts, customers, managers.

Trainer: Pentti Virtanen


Scrum Product Owners are in charge of building a system, creating a new product release, or any other complex business project. After the course the participants are familiar with the thinking and the framework of Scrum so that they can start their work as Scrum Product Owners.

After successful completion of the course and the exam each participant will be designated a Certified Scrum Product Owner. The certification includes a one-year membership in the Scrum Alliance.

  • Expectations of the product owner
    • Agile manifesto, principles and practices
    • Why does the agile approach work?
    • Success stories
    • Pitfalls
  • Scrum basics
    • Zen of scrum
    • Scrum values
    • Empirical process control
    • Activities and artefacts
    • Scrum flow
    • Definition of done
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Product Owner
    • Self-organizing and self-managing team
    • ScrumMaster
  • Product vision
    • Why do we need the product vision?
    • Qualities of the vision
    • Business Case
    • Techniques to create the vision
    • Roadmaps
  • Product backlog
    • User stories
    • Augmenting user stories
    • Acceptance criteria and acceptance test driven devel-opment
    • Product backlog refinement
  • Estimating
    • Accuracy, precision, size, duration
    • Multiple levels
  • Prioritization
    • The right size for prioritization
    • Prioritization techniques
    • Risks and dependencies
    • Formal techniques
  • Release management
    • Goal
    • Adaptive, iterative, collaborative
    • Technical debt
    • Release early and often
    • Release plan
  • Sprints
    • Product Owner’s role
    • Product Owner in Scrum meetings
    • Working together
    • Tracking
    • Sprint termination
  • Scrum in large projects
    • Enterprise level Scrum
    • Product owners’ team
    • Scrum of Scrums meetings
    • Geographically distributed Scrum
  • EXTRA: Scrum and organizations
    • Agile & lean organizations and agile governance
    • Contracts and acquisition
    • Working with traditional organizations
  • Summary
Additional information:

Included in the training price:

  • training materials;
  • 1 exam.

Additional value:

  • hot drinks, sweets and fruits available all the time;
  • lunch at each training day;
  • free parking.


24.11-25.11.2020 2 days Certified ScrumMaster
in English, Virtual training
1 390 € (+ VAT 20%)