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Hands-on Hacking Essentials (HOHE)


The same training will also take place at another time. Choose the appropriate
Time: 28.09 - 29.09.2020, at 09:00 Duration: 16 ac. hours Location: 8. korrus, Lõõtsa 12, Tallinn
800 € (+ VAT 20%)
Time: 16.11 - 17.11.2020, at 09:00 Duration: 16 ac. hours Location: 8. korrus, Lõõtsa 12, Tallinn
800 € (+ VAT 20%)

Course overview:

Language: ENGLISH

During the 2 day hands-on training experience the participants should form a good understanding of current attacker tool-set, attack types and methods. By experiencing the attacker mindset and point of view via hands-onexercises the participants not only will gain much higher appreciation for attack threats, but will be much more alert and better prepared for their own IT systems defence and security testing.

Trainers will engage participants with lectures, live attack demonstrations and practical examples followed by individual hands-on exercise scenarios. Training is interactive, practical, and besides active participation also full of attack stories that help to change the perspective and understanding of real life security threats.


"Hands-on Hacking Essentials" is an eye-opening training for IT & system administrators and security practitioners

Trainer: Mihkel Raba


Introduction - The attacker point of view. Intro to the scoring server and virtualized training environment.

Reconnaissance and information gathering - banner grabbing, fingerprinting, service mapping, port- & vulnerability scanning. Finding vulnerabilities, suitable exploits and staging your attacks.

Privilege escalation - local privilege escalation tricks and exploits, password cracking, fun with meterpreter and Armitage features, etc.,)

"Jumping the (fire)wall" - using targeted client-side attacks to gain foothold behind firewalls, pivoting your attacks through the initial compromised workstation, escalating, dumping password hashes, pilfering, passing-the-hash, credential and plaintext password harvesting with browser tools, Mimikatz and WCE, planting backdoors, exfiltrating data, evading Anti-virus products and making a general nuisance of yourselves in the process of 0wning internal networks.

Kali Linux - all hands-on activity takes place on this popular penetration testing distro. Each student has his own Kali Linux with individual target networks cloned in the training environment.

Remote exploitation - attacking various operating systems (both *nix & Windows) and common services (like FTP, SSH, HTTP/S, etc.,) remotly, compiling and running exploits and using ready-made tools.

Attack Toolsets - Metasploit Framework & meterpreter, Armitage (essentially a point-and-click front-end for Metasploit).

Day 2: "Network Takeover" scenario - putting it all together in a whole day hands-on scenario that walks participants through a small company network takeover scenario from an attacker's perspective. Mostly Armitage along with other tools on Kali Linux will be used for attacking, making it easy to track and visualize how the victim network and subnets reveal themselves as participants hack deeper into the network.


19.10-23.10.2020 5 days CEH v10 Certified Ethical Hacking
in English, Web training
1 950 € (+ VAT 20%)
08.12-10.12.2020 3 days Hands-On Hacking Advanced (HOHA)
in English
1 200 € (+ VAT 20%)