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BlackBelt – Advanced Troubleshooting the Windows OS


The same training will also take place at another time. Choose the appropriate
Time: 09.12 - 12.12.2019, at 09:00 Duration: 32 ac. hours Location: Vana-Lõuna 39/1
1 490 € (+ VAT 20%)
Time: 30.03 - 02.04.2020, at 09:00 Duration: 32 ac. hours Location: Vana-Lõuna 39/1
1 490 € (+ VAT 20%)

Course overview:

Language: ENGLISH

Sami Laiho offers two courses for troubleshooting of anything that related or runs on the Windows OS. If you’re thinking about which course to take first, take the other one. If you are totally familiar with the stuff on the other course you are very welcome to join this one as well. It’s just the trainer's professional opinion that the best troubleshooters can be taught by taking these two courses and it’s better to take the more Tools-oriented BlackBelt Troubleshooting course first and the join this Content-oriented Advanced Troubleshooting course next.

Have you ever wondered if Windows Pagefile settings should be changed or how they actually work? Have you ever wondered what the values in Task Manager actually mean – like Paged Pool, Working Set, Free memory etc? Do you know how a file actually gets cached and finally written to the disk or how threads communicate with each other? Have you ever wondered what Mutexes or Semaphores in Process Explorer really mean? If you don’t know the answers, come and join this course as it will provide you with the answers and a lot more!


This training is meant for all administrators who want to deepen their knowledge about Windows. It is also suitable for people who think they know everything about the Windows OS… It’s a very deep dive course and surely in no way suitable for beginners but seasoned administrators. If someone has gone through the BlackBelt OS Troubleshooting course then this course will deepen that knowledge even further. This course applies to all Windows version from NT 4 to Windows 10, both servers and clients.

Trainer: Sami Laiho


This four day course teaches you how the operating system actually works under the hood. Windows Internals was previously taught globally by two of the best known teachers David Solomon and Mark Russinovich. David is now retired from training and Mark is working for Microsoft. This training is based on their Windows Internals book which is considered mandatory knowledge for all top Microsoft professionals including Microsoft’a own PFE’s (Premier Field Engineer). That book might be a bit too deep for most so this is an easy way to learn the important parts of the book in an effective pace.

This course teaches you what you see with the tools that are used for troubleshooting. If you’re not that familiar with the tools we recommend you take the BlackBelt Troubleshooting course first – I can assure you want to take both when you get started.

  • Experience with Windows Administration
  • Experience with Active Directory
  • Experience with networking infrastructure

Day 1

  • Concepts and Tools
  • System Architecture
  • System Mechanisms

Day 2

  • (Management Mechanisms)
  • Processes, Threads, and Jobs
  • Security

Day 3

  • Networking
  • I/O System
  • Storage Management
  • Memory Management

Day 4

  • Cache Manager
  • (File Systems)
  • Startup and Shutdown
  • Crash Dump Analysis
Additional information:

Included in the training price:

  • training materials

Additional value:

  • hot drinks, sweets and fruits available all the time;
  • lunch at each training day;
  • free parking.


23.09-26.09.2019 4 days BlackBelt – Troubleshooting the Windows OS
in English
1 490 € (+ VAT 20%)
02.12-05.12.2019 4 days BlackBelt - Securing Windows 10 and Server 2016/2019
New, in English
1 590 € (+ VAT 20%)
16.12-18.12.2019 3 days Hands-On Hacking Advanced (HOHA) 1 050 € (+ VAT 20%)
13.01-16.01.2020 4 days BlackBelt – Troubleshooting the Windows OS
in English
1 490 € (+ VAT 20%)
11.05-14.05.2020 4 days BlackBelt - Securing Windows 10 and Server 2016/2019
in English
1 590 € (+ VAT 20%)