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Tarkvaraarenduse Front-end


The same training will also take place at another time. Choose the appropriate
Time: 07.09 - 25.09.2020, at 09:00 Duration: 72 ac. hours Location: Vana-Lõuna 39/1
2 083 € (+ VAT 20%)
Time: 09.11 - 27.11.2020, at 09:00 Duration: 72 ac. hours Location: Vana-Lõuna 39/1
2 083 € (+ VAT 20%)

Course overview:

Purpose of this training program is to give knowledge and skills, so you could make first steps on becoming front-end developer.

Training program is practical and project based, which means you will end up developing your own website and add different functionalities to it over course of time. Trainer will be using modern methodologies and working methods. Prepared websites can be used as showcases with little refinement for example for job interviews.

Training programm is created with IT company and based on Your potential employers wishes. Meaning we create excellent bases for you to get a job as front-end developer. There is need for front-end developers right now, where often mastering latest technologies is expected.

Course will be held at: 27-29.11, 4-6.12, 11-13.12, 18-20.12.2017.


Target group for this training are people interested in IT and Web, who want to start working as Front-End developers or study modern web development for other reasons. Is befitting also for retraining!

  • Basic computer and IT-knowledge
  • readiness to actively take part in the course during 4-week period
  • sufficient english
  1. Preparation of development environment, what tools front-end developer uses and how-to setup local server on your PC, so it would be easier to work on front-end.

  2. Homepage structure, and its design. version control systems and its usage. Search engine optimizations and what front-end developer needs to know about that (SEO).

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Git.

  1. Making homepage attractive and animated. Using CSS library to speed up your work flow, when working on design. Modern design principles for user interface (UI).

Technologies: Bootstrap, CSS3 ja SASS, Jquery

  1. Making homepage interactive. Learning basic programming principles with Typescript and Javascript. Overview of algorithms in Javascript, and DOM.

Technologies:. Typescript, Javascript

  1. Updating pages without refresh. Overview of different protocols, like HTTP, REST and SOAP. Overview of Web APIs, which gives web sites access to technologies like web cams and user location.

Technologies: Web API, Ajax, REST, SOAP

  1. Overview of website development via framework and testing website in development (including unit test).

Technologies: Angular

  1. Software development methodologies and paradigms, and its parts based on example. IT company structures.
Additional information:

In the price is included:

  • digital learningmaterials
  • certificate

Additionally we offer:

  • warm drinks with snacks
  • lunch on every day of the course
  • discount when signing up for next course in the calendar
  • free parking