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Agility for Managers


Duration: 1 days
690 € (+ VAT 20%)

Course overview:

Language: ENGLISH

Minimal number of delegates for the course to take place is 4

Sustainable success of agile software development and lean manufacturing has led to its application to other business domains and general management. The results achieved cannot be the result of mere marketing of ideas under attractive brand names.

Agile software development has often failed notwithstanding of glaring success stories. 
The difference between successful and failing implementations is in leadership and organization culture. This sickness of working communities is partly responsible of the weakening of the success and economic crises that are part of current daily life.


Directors and managers


After the "agility for managers"-course the participants understand the key principles of agile and lean leadership and can apply them in their own work. 



  • Agile values and principles
  • Lean
  • Systems thinking
  • From Taylorism to empirical process
  • From the world of supply to the world of demand

Agile leadership

  • Servant leader
  • Management by values
  • Incentives: Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Building trust
  • Sin of exploitation
  • Transparency, openness and integrity
  • Fostering a self- managing team

Team work

  • Coordination chaos
  • Creating a team
  • Sharing responsibilities
  • Team networks in large organization
  • Communication: from reporting to collaboration
  • Distribution and internationalism

Value chains

  • Value for the customer
  • Iterations: Use of feedback in directing activities
  • Quality and continuous improvement
  • Analyzing value chains
  • Identify and reduce waste

Use of queues and lists in everyday management

  • Get out of the domination of work in progress
  • Pull scheduling
  • Scrum and Kanban: Task prioritization in practice

Transforming to agile

  • Change the environment
  • Leading the change?
Additional information:

Included in the training price:

  • training materials;

Additional value:

  • hot drinks, sweets and fruits available all the time;
  • lunch at each training day;
  • free parking.