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MOC-20342 Advanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, e-õpe


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Payment, withdrawal from the course, postponing or cancelation of the course

Payment for the course is done to the account indicated on the bill. The bill is sent by e-mail to payer's address marked on the application.
The bill is to be paid before the course starts. In case of a no-show without advance notice or withdrawal from the course, the tuition fee will not be refunded. The tuition fee will be refunded if the participant gives an advance notice more than 14 days before the beginning of the course. Part of the tuition fee will be refunded in case some investments (for study materials, etc.) have already been made. In case a person registered to the course is not able to participate in the course and has a compelling reason for that, he or she must immediately notify us at, or by calling +372 6181727.

In case the desired amount of participants on the course is not met, IT Koolitus has the right to postpone the course, until the minimum number of participants is reached, or cancel the course. In case the course is postponed or cancelled, participants will be notified via phone or e-mail. In case the course is cancelled due to the organizers, the tuition fee will be fully refunded.

I understand and agree that data submitted in this form can be stored, processed and transferred to the third party service provider (Microsoft, Oracle, Estonian Unemployment Fund, Exam Centre partners etc.) when it is necessary for providing the service requested.